A system or a note which allows planning for a full week as opposed to just a day.
  • Add more calendar notes in addition to daily notes: weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.
  • In the preferences, you could turn off the timeframes not needed to reduce confusion and clutter.
  • Each view shows one blank note for the selected timeframe.
  • Add links to a week, month, quarter, year like >2021-W07 (check ISO dates).
  • Overlapping timeframes could be linked to each other. Like daily notes could display the planned tasks from their weekly note in the Backlink panel and you can drag & drop items between them (see mockup A))
1) On a Morning (for example) you plan out your week till Sunday in the weekly note, which is a blank page you fill out.
2) Open the daily notes on Monday and see the linked Week you just filled out at the top. Open it to drag out tasks you want to do today. The task gets either moved or scheduled-by-copy from the weekly note into today (moving, i.e. cutting, is probably better).
3) Using daily notes as a catch-all inbox, you might add new items during the day. Drag them back into the weekly view if you want to do them later this week.
4) Similarly, if you couldn't finish a task, don't push it to tomorrow necessarily, push it to the week.
  • ✅ Drag from references into the note (so you can take off tasks from the weekly note into the daily note)
  • ✅ Drag from the note into references (so you can move back tasks from the daily into the weekly scope)
  • ✅ (next 3.6.1 update) Weekly date tags, such as
  • ✅ Add a
    Calendar Notes
    heading housing
    Daily Notes
    Weekly Notes
    (later more)
  • ✅ Clicking on
    Weekly Notes
    should show one weekly note at a time, just like Daily Notes, but it saves the notes to
    where "W" is the week number.
  • ✅ Automatically reference week and daily notes, even if there's no content yet.
  • ✅ Show week numbers in the calendar?
  • Optionally turn on monthly and yearly notes.