NotePlan 3.7.1 is a smaller update with big UI changes on iOS and lots of improvements and fixes.
This release also comes with Spotlight indexing of your note titles to let you search right from the Spotlight Search on every platform.
Finally, you can now easily migrate your notes from Craft, including support for backlinks and synced lines.
  • Updated toolbar on iOS (iOS 16 only) with easier access to commands.
→ On iPad, I’ve moved the buttons to the shortcuts toolbar saving lots of space especially if you are using an external keyboard. On iPhone, the toolbar has been simplified hiding many functions behind a context menu. No swiping for buttons anymore, use muscle memory to find functions!
  • Swiping between days has been resurrected on iPhone.
→ In the name of performance I have initially removed this feature, but due to popular demand I brought it back and took the chance to tweak it so it’s a bit smoother.
  • Spotlight indexing of NotePlan note titles on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS
  • Craft notes importer with support for backlinks and synced lines (still improving, send me your feedback!)
  • In Weekly Notes View, selecting a day now opens that day instead of the Weekly Note for that day
  • Fixed macOS file attachment issue with the + button
  • Better encoding for parentheses when creating URLs with Cmd+K
  • Fixed an issue with Command Bar responsiveness
  • Fixed a bug with links in a separate window always opening in the main menu
  • Fixed a crash on iPadOS when switching between notes or apps
  • Improved week numbers getting stuck on iOS
  • Fix for a folder order issue on the iOS sidebar
  • Fixed a weekly scheduling issue on macOS when using the arrow left of a task
  • Improved the Command Bar appearance on macOS
  • Improved the Insert Template button in daily notes so it doesn’t hide behind the keyboard when you have multiple daily references
  • Faster search performance when you have a lot of embedded events
  • Improved multiple swiping actions on iOS
  • Improved multiple UI issues on iOS
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Thanks a lot!
Big iPad update: This version brings split view to the iPad and the calendar has been moved to the right, so it's more streamlined with the Mac version. Also, week numbers have been added to the calendar on iOS and Mac.
- Work on two notes side-by-side
Working on two notes is much easier and efficient on iPad now. You can long-press a note in the sidebar or a day in the calendar and hit "Open in Split View" to open a second note on the right side. This will open a completely new window where you can navigate also to other notes.
What's more, if you are searching for notes you can long-press a result and open it in a split view, too. This way you can keep the search view open while checking out the notes behind the results.
Split View allows you for example to open a note on the left where you collect overdue items while you review daily notes in the past on the right side, cutting tasks from the right to the left.
splitview ipad
- Easier, streamlined navigation
The calendar on the iPad is now a full sidebar that can be closed and opened from the right side of the screen, just like in the Mac version. Not only does this make the user interfaces more consistent, you also have more room to make full use of the new stage manager on iOS 16.
- Easier week navigation and drag & drop
Both iOS and Mac now have a column of week numbers on the left of the calendar, so you always know in which week you are and it allows you to jump directly into the week. On iOS long-press the week number to open it and on Mac a single click is enough.
The week numbers can also be used to drag tasks from your note directly into any week. So you don't need to cut & paste, but can stay in the same note and simply drag & drop.
On Mac:
Drag into weeks on Mac
On iOS:
drag into weeks on iOS
  • Fixed calculation of weekly notes filename where the week is below 10
  • Fix theme update issues (such as some elements didn't get the theme updates or plugin theme switcher not working at all)
  • Fixed content of weekly references disappeared when the heading contained a space
  • Fixed in Filters,
    path contains
    is ignored if we are using a tag as a keyword
  • Fix sorting of numbers in the text of notes and folders in the sidebar, so that "something 10" > "something 5"
  • Fixed rendering bug when there were spaces before a task
  • Fixed hanging due to event loading happened partially on the main thread
  • Fixed typing "- I'm" moving to the right (it activated right-to-left writing, on iOS
  • Fixed alignment issues with stage manager
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NotePlan 3.6.2 is a smaller release that makes working with weeks and with weekly and daily references easier.
  • You can now collapse headings in Weekly Note references
  • Weekly Notes are now shown before references in a Daily Note
  • Referencing weeks will make the references show up in the Weekly Note
  • NotePlan now shows the date range of a week when you link to a >WeekNumber
  • Hit Cmd+Ctrl+T to show the current Weekly Note (macOS & iPadOS)
  • Duplicate sidebar notes from the context menu with “Duplicate”
  • Date links and self-referencing links are removed when linking from the daily note to a week and the same daily note is already opened
  • Filter completed tasks by checking “Done”
  • Fixed self-referencing weekly notes
  • Fixed opening links or references in split view
  • Fixed image paths not being filtered from search results
  • Fixed an issue with meeting notes and duplicate calendar events
  • Fix for Finnish characters in folder names
  • New API features: extended Editor.availableThemes and Editor.currentTheme and the first an HTML plugin is live with HTMLView.showSheet(...).
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This update to NotePlan lets you work faster and more efficiently with updates to Weekly Notes, filter options, search speed, a quick context menu, and a faster way to insert templates.
Linking or referencing Weekly Notes is now easy in NotePlan. Just type
to link to the Weekly Note for week 31. To make it even faster, start typing
and NotePlan will suggest the week for you. What’s more, you can use the natural language syntax to link to weeks, too:
will let NotePlan add the correct weekly note. And finally, you can even use wiki links like
or x-callback-urls like
to link to notes as well.
CleanShot 2022-07-29 at 19
We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to make search faster. The result? Searching your notes on macOS is now a whopping 400% faster! If you have a lot of notes, you’ll find things much more quickly with the search option in NotePlan 3.6.1.
Filters now let you search through a specific folder. It allows you to create a filter for overdue tasks just in your Personal notes, for example. Or say you want to create a filter with mentions for a specific person, restricted only to a large project. Now, you can simply limit your filter to a specific folder or path. To copy the path to a folder, simply right-click/tap the folder icon in your sidebar and select Copy Relative Path. To make it even easier, the path field filter even has autocomplete!
CleanShot 2022-07-23 at 19
  • Context menu options. Click or tap the drag bar to bring up copy and link options.
  • Quickly insert templates or format your line by using the + button next to the drag bar.
  • Use Cmd+Shift+V to paste a link without pulling the title
  • New API parameters: Note. rename (newFilename) and Note. filename
  • Links to large websites no longer freeze when pasting in NotePlan
  • Renaming a folder in the sidebar no longer shows all files in the Notes area
  • A fix for title markdown disappearing after typing
  • Improvement to the initial macOS font-size
  • A fix for excessive auto-scrolling on iOS
  • iOS crash and background sync fixes
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Weekly Notes have arrived in NotePlan! Weekly Notes are a dedicated note type that lets you plan your week and help you stay on track each day. The Weekly Note is displayed at the top of your daily note and displays your weekly tasks, goals, or anything else you put inside. Then drag any task from your Weekly Note inside a Daily Note to work on it. Combined with the new synced lines feature, NotePlan now also lets you keep a single task updated everywhere. From a project note, over a weekly note, to a daily note. Check it off in one place and it’s checked off everywhere.
With the Weekly Note, you get to see everything that you need to do this week, each day. The Weekly Note sits on top of the Daily Note to remind you of tasks, important goals, weekly targets, and so much more. It forces you to focus on the bigger picture and not get sidetracked by other daily tasks that pop up. In short: Weekly Notes let you plan better and work more efficiently.
CleanShot 2022-06-09 at 17
Use Weekly Notes to:
  • Set weekly goals
    . See what’s important each day and focus on your goals.
  • Plan important tasks
    and stay on track. Drag tasks from your Weekly Notes to your Daily Notes and complete whatever needs to be done.
  • Create a weekly inbox
    . Haven’t completed something for the day? Drag it into the Weekly Note and reorganize the rest of the week.
Synced lines are a new NotePlan feature that keeps a single task updated everywhere, from a project note over a Weekly Note to a Daily Note. Complete a task, change the name, add tags or mentions and the changes are reflected everywhere. It’s a great way to keep everything up to date. And it’s as simple as copy and paste. Just look for the blue NotePlan icon at the end of your synced line. You’ll find synced lines under Preferences → Labs. Learn here more.
  • Templates are now excluded from your search
  • You can add soft returns by pressing Shift+Enter
  • Right-clicking on a filter/review lets you link to that filter
  • “Week” View has been renamed to “7-Day” View
  • “Review” has been renamed to “Filters”
  • On macOS you can change the font size with CMD+ or CMD- and reset it with Control+CMD+0
  • An endless loop with synced lines has been fixed
  • A rare crash with loading the attendees URL is now corrected
  • Pasting URL now fixes HTML encoding
  • A glitch when resizing the reference area was fixed
  • You can now open a link in the 7-Day View with Opt+CMD+Enter
  • Better performance for scrolling inside notes with lots of inserted text blocks (e.g. templates)
  • File names can now have a period (”.”)
If you are happy with the app, please rate it, or even leave a review. This is a great way to support us, indie developers. Thanks a lot!
Synced Lines
Added "Synced Lines" as experimental feature. You can enable it in the new preference tab "Lab" on iOS and Mac. Synced Lines allow you to mirror a paragraph, such as a task, across notes. The state and content of all copies will be updated if you modify one. Here's how you can create a Synced Lines:
  • On Mac: Either drag an item from the references area into your daily note or click on the drag button which appears when you hover over a paragraph inside the editor.
  • On iOS: Either drag an item from the references area into your daily note or click on the asterisk icon in the toolbar, which will create a Synced Lines from the selected paragraph(s).
  • Tap on the asterisk icon which is added to the text to look up the location of the other copies.
(Drag a reference to create a Synced Line)
(Click on the drag button to create a Synced Line)
Improvements & Fixes
  • Fixed: Setapp activation on iOS got constantly reset.
  • Added: Templates button added to regular notes, so you can apply templates there too. The location of the button was changed.
  • Added: "copy as RTF" shortcut (see in the menubar under Edit)
  • Fixed: Hashtags and mentions can be case-sensitive now.
  • Fixed: Recurring events not selecting the right embedded event link if linked to the same note.
  • Fixed: Updating recurring events. The first occurrence was always updated incorrectly instead of the selected occurrence.
  • Fixed: Markdown links truncated in references
  • Fixed: RTL writing was activated when the selected keyboard language was RTL despite the content of the text
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for dialogs with cancel buttons on iPad.
  • Removed meeting notes plugin entry from the menubar
  • Added
    to the Meeting Notes tags to print only the names (alternatively emails) without links.
  • Critical crash fix for Setapp users
Introducing: meeting notes and a new template system!
NotePlan 3.5 brings your notes and your events even closer with Meeting Notes. You can now add notes to any calendar event right inside NotePlan. Add them anywhere you like, from your daily notes to regular notes.
This update also introduces a powerful new template system. It lets you work more efficiently by automatically creating notes with predefined information. The result is a faster workflow directly from inside your daily notes.
Make your meetings more productive by capturing all information inside NotePlan. The brand-new meeting notes option lets you link every event on your calendar to a note inside NotePlan.
Add information about the participants, the agenda, meeting minutes, next actions you need to take, and more. All with a few clicks or taps. NotePlan also lets you decide where to put your meeting note. Use a dedicated note for every meeting, put information inside your daily note, or even create a single note with all meetings. Plus, by using a template from the new templating system, your meeting note is automatically formatted just the way you want.
On Mac:
On iOS:
CleanShot 2022-03-22 at 10
NotePlan 3.5 takes your productivity to new heights with a new template system.
The new Templating system (which is built into the daily notes and available as a plugin "np.Templating") lets you automate the creation of new notes, insert placeholders and variables, and so much more. Insert notes with time blocks, weather information, inspirational quotes, and recurring tasks.
Or create a monthly goals template with recurring sections for reviewing and planning. The plugin lets you work with dates, times, conditions, loops, and even web services. Your NotePlan workflows are about to get supercharged.
  • You can now easily rename and delete tags
  • There’s a new option to show a template button in empty daily notes (alongside the help text)
  • On iOS, pulling down from the top of the screen now opens the Command Bar
  • On macOS, the Cmd+4 shortcut lets you add the >today tag
  • NotePlan now handles MP4 attachments better
  • Several interface refinements (dragging, alignment, split views, and more)
  • New options for the x-callback API
  • Fixed share sheet support for Dropbox
  • Fix for dragging repeating tasks onto the calendar
If you are happy with the app, please rate it, or even leave a review. This is a great way to support us, indie developers. Thanks a lot!
NotePlan 3.4.1 is a smaller release that adds RTF and RTL support and brings a few performance improvements under the hood. You can now easily work with Rich Text Formatting and languages that use right-to-left script work well in NotePlan, too.
— Even more formatting options!
NotePlan now has support for Rich Text Format to share and export notes with beautiful formatting.
Click on the export button inside a note:
Or right-click a folder or note in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can also select text inside the note and "copy RTF" through right-click.
— Right-to-left scripts are now supported in NotePlan
This release brings right-to-left (RTL) support, too. Languages like Arabic and Hebrew are now natively supported.
— Small improvements under the hood
NotePlan 3.4.1 makes badges and notifications more consistent. Sidebar and text rendering performance has improved, too, as well as a bug with window resizing. Bullets are also aligned better in Search and Review.
- Add frontmatter to your notes
You can now add frontmatter (starting and ending with "---") to your notes and NotePlan will correctly display the note name in the sidebar. You can change the name by adding a title to your frontmatter:
title: My Note Title
# Note Title
More key/value pairs will be supported later by plugins and internal features.
— You can now add a link to a plugin command
For example, run the statistics plugin with
Boost your productivity with Split Views (macOS) and Easy Plugin Configurations in NotePlan 3.4
The latest NotePlan release makes your workflows faster and more efficient with split views for macOS!
Display any notes you want to side by side. From daily notes to project notes and more. Plus, NotePlan 3.4 now lets you configure plugins quickly with an easy options menu. This release also adds support for Merlin Project and brings several improvements under the hood.
SPLIT VIEWS (MACOS) — Easy Kanban and Faster Workflows
NotePlan now supports split views for notes on your Mac! Just hold Option and click a note to open it up next to your main note. You can have as many split views as you want, from daily notes to regular notes. Split views will speed up your workflow in NotePlan, especially combined with drag and drop.
Here are a few examples:
  • Create a Kanban view and simply drag tasks between any step
  • Plan ahead by keeping tomorrow and the day after as split views and just drag tasks between days
  • Work more efficiently on projects: keep your project note open next to your daily note and drag in what you want
  • Manage your goals by putting a yearly, monthly, and weekly view side by side
Split views give you a clearer overview, so you get more done!
How to open a note in split view (Opt-Click on a note in the sidebar or other places):
open note in split view
Kanban board with split views:
2022-01-14 17
Settings weekly and annual goals using split views:
EASY PLUGIN OPTIONS — Configure Plugins with a Few Clicks
Plugins now have a configuration menu that lets you easily modify options. There’s no need to edit a file any longer: just select the gear icon and change what you need.
NotePlan now works with the popular project management application Merlin Project. Read more about it in this blog post.
NotePlan 3.4 comes with a lot of smaller improvements that make for a better experience:
  • You can now choose which lists from Apple Reminders you want to see in NotePlan
  • You can also choose a Reminders list when you create a new Reminder inside NotePlan
  • The time block syntax has been improved to avoid errors in time ranges (with am/pm and other numbers and combinations)
  • Dragging text issues fixed
  • Opening notes and links with Command and Option has been expanded to search, note links, and more
  • Several fixes for archiving tasks, completing recurring reminders, and a few rare bugs
Please note that starting with NotePlan 3.4, Dropbox sync is no longer an option. If you have set it up already, it will keep working as it is. If you need to activate it, please get in touch with us at
If you are happy with the app, please rate it, or even leave a review. This is a great way to support us, indie developers. Thanks a lot!
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